Historical Manga

To Take A Mermaid’S Heart

To Take A Mermaid’S Heartby Unicorn

#65 chapters published (Ongoing)


Midnight Dweller

Midnight Dwellerby Gwendoline, Myeong Ye, Yang Ji

#73 chapters published (Ongoing)


I Can't Fall In Love With Paperman

I Can't Fall In Love With Papermanby 肆嘉 (Si Jia); 七渺渔

#25 chapters published (Ongoing)

HistoricalIsekaiFantasyLong stripFull colorSafe

Royal Marriage

Royal Marriageby Portofino, Huiya, Heeya, 희야

#67 chapters published (Ongoing)


Bowblade: The Descendants Of Bowblade

Bowblade: The Descendants Of Bowbladeby WHY NOT ME PRODUCTIONS (와이낫미프로덕션); Jo Don Hyung

#106 chapters published (Ongoing)

HistoricalActionDramaFantasyMartial artsLong stripSafeManhwaSeinen

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